JP Alexander – Being A Real Man & Avoiding Toxic Masculinity

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North American Exterior Cleaning is a fully-insured provider of exterior cleaning services including window cleaning, power washing, and gutter cleaning for residential and commercial clients throughout New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.

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JP Alexander is the owner of North American Exterior company as well as a life coach.

1:50 Andrew and JP realize that 2013 was the best year to get sober

2:38 JP learns more an more about his sobriety and past as he sees it today. 

6:10 His Granddad hits him with the truth

8:20 JP gets sober in 2013 and starts a new life

9:50 Andrew explains 4th step and what it means

15:30 Willingness is an action word

18:01 Jerry puts his hat backwards to show his willingness

19:47 Everything you know is wrong

22:00 How to be a real man

24:15 If you don’t know how to register a LLC, do two

25:45 How to get out of a hole

29:10 Don’t separate different versions of yourself

30:10 Start a window cleaning business with zero experience

33:40 Old timers tell JP how it really is, no holds barred

37:35 The idea of hiring employees and the fear behind it

42:00 JP has always been perfect at hiring

47:00 Learning how to delegate

50:45 How to handle bad reviews

52:30 Starting a new company

56:00 Speaks on getting started on new customers

58:00 How to re-wire your brain without surgery

61:00 Wisdom on your inner circle

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